Empire Kids season 1 post 

So this is actually from Office Reality - Empire Kids/Children of Empire (aired April 15 - July 1 2009),  a show with all the Star Empire acts including the two new groups ZE:A and 9Muses (before debut) ^__^ There’s adorable pre-debut haircuts and cute wonky teeth and the boys doing ridiculous things and vocal training and dancing and being tested and le drama ;~;

Only the ZE:A cuts here, all english subbed (make sure you have the captions turned on for the ZEASES1 uploads!). And just ignore the few titles that say it’s Empire Kids Return lol

Credit goes to EmpireSubs (first links of episodes 1-5) & ZEASES1

Episode 1: here or here - Kwanghee’s porn

Episode 2: here or here - Kevin is ridiculously easy to troll >_>

Episode 3: part 1 part 2 part 3 or here  - someone’s smoking >.< and there is a random puppy in this ep!

Episode 4: part 1 part 2 or part1 part2 - moving into their new dorm & trolling Kevin. Most adorable sleepy ZE:A ^^ Kwanghee and his pro make-up, Minu finds it most amusing.

Episode 5: part 1 part 2 part 3 or here - surprise pajama party

Episode 6: part 1 part 2 - Junyoung goes to see his mum with the other members and cries. And Dongjun cries. And Taehun ;~;

Episode 7: part 1 part 2 - fooling around on a MV set

Episode 8: here - dancing in front of Poppin Hyunjoon

Episode 9: part 1 part 2 - Minu puts on a little sunscreen and looks like an adorable little ghost >.< pool time with 9 Muses. Eating, speeches, crying… someone’s going home…

Episode 10: here - the boys feeling down, Dongjun hides in his little drawer bed, Shik goes to school :3

Episode 11: part 1 part 2 - Junyoung going to the dentist (listen! Minu has the cutest giggle!). Dongjun sings a bit of Footsteps ;~;

Episode 12: part 1 part 2 part 3 - Dongjun, Minu and Kwanghee show their abs, Siwan DJing, Kevin playing the piano, Kwanghee, Dongjun and Minu dancing, Junyoung gets his flawless smile. And…

And that’s it ^^

If you want to watch the full episodes with all the other lovely Star Empire people (unsubbed), they’re available for download on kpopweb or on the Empire Kids forum.

The comments… it’s just stuff I remembered best and of course there’s tons more cute little moments and practicing singing and dancing and so on.

So~ everyone, have fun watching!

and if I messed anything up or whatever, let me know

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